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Puppies are to be handed in in spring 2021:

VANNY from Juragrund
Brsch HD-free: HD A OCD-free ED-free F/H 9/10
Wire-haired W/W Homozygous Wire-haired
HD and OCD GZW 95 v WD system-free
Corona exam 2020 4 : HZP 184 points VGP 336 points
1st prize (test winner) BtR and AH.



TARAS from Juragrund
Brsch HD free OCD free ED free F/H 11/11
VJP 79 HZP129 o.S. HZP 196 o.S Hegewald 232 working points
VGP 1st prize 348 points above sea level Mark of performance AH visually loud to the trailing SJ DD

Hunting dog school Heßling again successful in various hunting dog tests in 2020. We were particularly pleased with the VGP result in Ihlow.

from left to right:
Michel Klein with DD "Zorro v. Helminghausen" with 328 points, additional Armbruster badge and the delivery loyalty test.
Anke Heßling with DD "Vanny vom Jura Grund" with 336 points
1st prize, plus Armbruster Halt badge and the loyalty test s.w. Examination winner of the VGP.
Theodor Heßling with DD "Moritz II vom Dümmer See" with 329 points, in addition Armbruster Halt badge and the delivery loyalty test.
If you are interested, you can also see our examination statistics at

Our promising young male "XANTOS VOM JURA GRUND"
with 10 months

after: Gebby vom Jura Grund A.H. Sj-DD Form and Hair 10/10 HD (A) OCD u.ED TTfree VJP 77 HZP .m.Sp 235 + 226 m.Sp VGP 348 ÜF Hegewaldsiegerin 2013 hardness sight and trace loud brown mold.

after: Atze vom Rosensteinblick AH. Vbr. Shape and hair value 10/10 / 10/11 HD (A) OCD and ED free TT WW sight and trace volume VJP 71 HZP 212 VGP 329 ÜF

Laura Heßling successfully passed the 2019 Young Hunter test and passed her first HZP.

Exam results 2019 - from Haus Heßling

Rainer Dammann VJP 73 HZP 179 VGP 287 with "Michel"
Renke Jansen VJP 73 HZP 169 with "Minke"
Klaus Büttner VJP 65 HZP 196 m.S. with "Merle"
Theodor Heßling VJP 72 HZP 187 VGP 328 with "Milan"
Anke Heßling VJP 70/73 HZP 175 VGP 336 with "Maxima"
Anke Heßling VJP 64 with "Max"
Ruth Kläne-Vahle VJP 74 HZP 190 VGP 334 with "Mila"
Andreas Henschel VJP 76 HZP 186 BTR with "Marta"

We thank all fans of Haus Heßling. Four of the dogs were at VGP for about 18 months. Since we are in Breeding only once is the crucial basis for breeding. As the saying goes: "class instead of mass".

"The young hound" - Behavior - Embossing - Promotion

In his new textbook Theodor Heßling, hunters and expert concerned for hunting dogs, especially with the young hound. Easy to understand he conveys on 100 pageshis many years of  experience as a dog handler and trainer.
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After passing Youthsearch:

from left to right:
"Infinity vom Haus Heßling" with Anke Heßling (68P),
"Ilva vom Haus Heßling" with Oscar Martinez from Spain (76P - Searchwinner) and
"Idefix vom Haus Heßling" with Theodor Heßling (73P)

.:  Theodor Heßling - Frieschenmoorer Str. 17 - D-26939 Ovelgönne  :.