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"vom Haus Heßling"
seit 1993
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Stud dog

Our promising young male "XANTOS VOM JURA GRUND"
with 10 months

after: Gebby vom Jura Grund A.H. Sj-DD Form and Hair 10/10 HD (A) OCD u.ED TTfree VJP 77 HZP .m.Sp 235 + 226 m.Sp VGP 348 ÜF Hegewaldsiegerin 2013 hardness sight and trace loud brown mold.

after: Atze vom Rosensteinblick AH. Vbr. Shape and hair value 10/10 / 10/11 HD (A) OCD and ED free TT WW sight and trace volume VJP 71 HZP 212 VGP 329 ÜF


"Ulf vom Hinter Tief" is a powerful dog wich has absolut good being. He came to me as a puppy and I trained him from „Jugendsuche“ to „Verbandsgebrauchsprüfung“. Besides his outstanding work his nature has to be remarked.In 2014 different kennels asked me for Ulf being father of their puppies and so the first dogs of his offspring have been presented on examinations since 2015 from VJP to VGP and Hegewald. The breeders were convinced of the genotype /phentotype so they asked me for Ulf again.

He is with me an constant use of hunting and proves his very good work in the water and field. By hunting on predators or wild boars he shows a healthy respectful will with the therefore necessary strength. When Ulf was a young dog he reached 10/10 marks by appareance and fur.As full-grown dog he got an 11/11. The results of his exams are the following: VJP 72, HZP 190 (browse with dug 11, protrusion 11.), VGP 331 in first place, HD-, ED- and OCD-free.

Ulf's postbreeding from different kennels will be presented in 2016.

German Wirehaired Pointer "Ulf" retrieved a fox
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