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Theie Heßling family has its origin in Münsterland, closely linked to the country and its people. The year of 1499 already gives documentary registrations for the family. Certainly, the leading of dogs on the hunt has already been popular, so that the ability to lead was given from one generation to the next one, and so on. In 1830, the innkeeper and hunt's owner August Heßling had the ambitious idea of breeding a hunting dog, which not only showed excellent work in water, but also in forest and  field. After a long time he succeeded in creating a dog like this, and the result was the "Small Münsterländer". In 1877, he sold his female Münsterländer "Flora" to Mr Heitmann in Burgsteinfurt, who consequently had the first registered litter of Münsterländers.
(Proof of source for the diocese of Münster)


Theodor Heßling

In 1979, I founded the hunting Cocker Spaniel cage "of Heßling House" and thus  my hunting career began. After a few years I was known as a very successful breeder, national as well as international, and a lot of my Spaniels ran their hunting tests, from AP to GP, in first places. For many years I was leading this charming breed successfully for the hunt and the accompanied necessary tests. Because the Jagdspaniel Club mainly focuses on the breed's beauty, the basis for the successfull breeding of effectiv working dogs wasn't given anymore and therefore I ended the bredding of Cocker Spaniels.
After a few years I came to the conclusion that the name "vom Haus Heßling" should now belong to another breed of hunting dogs. Meanwhile I had trained a lot of different hunting dogs for different test, and had also written reference books for training dogs in the right way.  Furthermore, because of my specialized knowlege, I had been asked to be a expert for departments, courts of justice and the federal state of Germany (see Since I gained a lot of experience with hunting dogs, I decided for the breed of German Wirehaired Pointers. In 1993 I announced my bredding of German Wirehaired Pointers to the Club of Deutsch Drahthaar e.V. As I set high standards in the breeding, it took a while to come up with a very strong type of dog from "Heßling House". My goal was clear: a well-shaped, incorruptble, strong willed and hard-working German Wirehaired Pointer. I was awarded the gold club badge for services to the DD by the German Wirehaired Pointer Association and received the bronze dog handler needle from the JGHV. The following pages will show you that it's not quantity but quality that leads to success in the end. Of course, the buyers of our puppies will be supported in their dog's training.


Anke Heßling

At the age of 14, Anke Heßling followed her fathers example and scored her first success with her first dog in a test for "Stöberhunde". While she was 17, she passed her hunting examination and in the year of 1989, she won first place with her dog for the first time. Several times, she has been honoured by different clubs for hunting dogs for being an excellent and powerful leader.
Many different dogs were lead by Anke Heßling on working dog tests in first place and in the year 2001 she won the "Claus-Cornelius-Suche", where only the best dogs of the administrative district are tested.
Within the field of leading dogs, Anke has constantly visited further training courses, such as a lecture of genetics offered by the largest association for dog breeds in Germany. In 1998, she visited a long-term workshop by Rick Smith in the US to get in touch with the latest methods of training dogs. Rick Smith is known as one of the best trainers for hunting dogs in America.
Anke Heßling is an association judge for european pointers. In 2002 she attended the international VGP and lead a little Münsterländer for best field working dog.
She is entitled to educate someone to be a dog trainer and, moreover, she is part of the committee responsible for the business of dog training. Furthermore, since 2011, she gives seminars for hunters in all fields of training dogs, especially hunting dogs. Anke Heßling energetically supports the breed of our German Wirehaired Pointers and constantly leads with our dogs in national and international tests.In addition, she is certified dog trainer according to § 11 of the Animal Protection Act and was awarded the gold dog handler badge by the JGHV.
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