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For sale  - Give German Wirehaired Pointer


MMoritz II vom Dümmersee, brsch, born April 20, 2019.
HD (A), OCD and ED free. Proof of hardness, Armbruster Haltabzeichen, Bring loyalty test, Corona test Hasenspur 4 (very good) Autumn breeding test 191 points (duck 12P), VGP I. Price / 329 points, water 4h
Leader and instructor Theodor Heßling
Moritz is a very socially acceptable dog with extremely good behavior towards people and dogs. His water work was highlighted at every exam. He was hunted by me in woods, fields and meadows, etc. led to sweat. A very personable dog that fits well into a hunting family. Of course Moritz was regularly dewormed and vaccinated. A dog of the special class not only in the hunt. Moritz should only be placed in the best hands. Despite his passion, Moritz is easy to manage and also suitable for an older person. I am happy to give you further information on 04480/949520

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