Deutsch Drahthaar
"vom Haus Heßling"
seit 1993
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Puppies - deliver puppies

In spring 2021, puppies are to be delivered from:

VANNY from Juragrund
Brsch HD-free: HD A OCD-free ED-free F/H 9/10
Wire hairiness W / W Homozygous wire hair
HD and OCD GZW 95 v WD syste-free
Corona exam 2020 4 : HZP 184 points VGP 336 points
1st prize (test winner) BtR and AH.


TARAS from Juragrund
Brsch HD free OCD frei ED free F/H 11/11
VJP 79 HZP 129 o.S. HZP 196 o.S Hegewald 232 working points
VGP 1st prize 348 points Punkte ü.F. achievement marks AH visually loud to the trailing SJ DD.


.:  Theodor Heßling - Frieschenm oorer Str. 17 - D-26939 Ovelgönne  :.